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The Couch Family RV Story

Couch Family RV traces its origins to the heart of Florida, with roots that took hold in Ocala during the mid-1980s. The journey began when Bill Link, grandfather to current owner Rick Couch, sought alternatives to paying retail prices for a new motorhome. Delving into the possibility of becoming an RV dealer, he discovered that the licensing and minimum order requirements were considerably more manageable than they are today. Despite being retired, Bill took the leap and ordered the first three units, selling the extra two from the front of his brother John’s stained-glass shop.

Recognizing the demand for an RV dealership in Ocala, Bill ordered three more RVs, thus setting the stage for the founding of Tradewinds RV. For several years, he and his wife, Flo Link, sold campers when they weren't traveling in their motorhome. Meanwhile, their daughter and son-in-law, Kathy and Bob Couch, both schoolteachers at a local church school, became involved in the business. Eventually, when Bill and Flo decided to retire once again, they offered the dealership to Kathy and Bob, who took over the reins. Seven months later, their son, Rick Couch, joined the family business.

The late 1980s posed challenges, with occasional skipped payrolls necessary to keep the doors open. However, through hard work and perseverance, the family weathered the storms, embodying the American dream. With divine blessings, sales improved, and the family's business acumen sharpened. In 1991, Karen Rilea Couch joined the ranks of Tradewinds RV supporters by marrying Rick, marking a joyous occasion. In March 1996, their son, Rick Couch Jr., was born, further cementing the family's legacy.

Over the years, Tradewinds RV flourished, with Jayco emerging as the flagship brand known for its quality. In 2007, Rick completed the acquisition of the dealership from his parents, building on their tradition of treating customers and employees like family. Customer care took precedence over profit, and Tradewinds RV earned a reputation for unmatched post-sale service, drawing customers from across the state.

As retirement beckoned for Rick, a new chapter awaited. Through divine providence, Rick's longtime friend Jeff Hirsch, owner of the Campers Inn RV stores, entered the picture, leading to the sale of Tradewinds RV. Rick remained on board to manage the store for three years before retiring in 2020. However, retirement was short-lived, as Rick and Karen embarked on a new venture.

During a visit to their son Jonathan in Tallahassee, they noticed the absence of RV dealerships along Highway 19, despite numerous campgrounds. Guided by prayer, they discovered an ideal opportunity in Cross City, nestled amidst camping country. The old high school campus, with its well-suited structures and sprawling oak trees, presented the perfect setting for a new RV dealership. Partnering with Jayco, Rick established the new dealership, committed to offering top-notch products and service.

For four generations, the Couch family has been dedicated to providing Florida with an exceptional RVing experience. From their new location in Cross City, they look forward to welcoming new members to their RV family and crafting the next chapter of their story. Everyone is invited to join them in the countryside as they embark on this exciting journey.